How to Install Sendy on Cloudways? (Setup Guide)

In this guide, we are going to learn how to install Sendy on Cloudways and it will be a complete setup guide. We are going to cover every detail that is required to install and set up sendy in our hosting i.e. Cloudways.

You can also find similar tutorials regarding Sendy to host it into Shared Hosting too.

Moreover, In this tutorial, you will learn

  • What is Sendy?
  • How to Install Sendy on Cloudways?
  • How Sendy save the cost?
  • How to set up Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)?
  • Comparison between MailChimp, Amazon SES
  • So On…

What is Sendy?

Sendy is a self-hosted email newsletter application that can be hosted in any hosting and with the help of Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) we can send a bulk email at an extremely low cost.

Sendy and Mailwizz are similar software i.e. both of them are self-hosted email marketing software that can be purchased with a one-time fee.

Sendy offers a $69 one-time fee with a lifetime deal with free updates but when they bring major updates then only you have to pay extra dollars.

As stated on Sendy’s Website, the major versions don’t come often.

If you have used MailChimp, Aweber, or other email marketing software then you may have used free or paid for sending emails. This email marketing software is costly compared to self-hosted email marketing software.

With Sendy with Amazon SES, you are going to send emails at a cheaper cost i.e. Amazon SES charges $1 per 10,000 emails.

Install Sendy on Cloudways – Setup Guide

Here we are going to configure Sendy and Install it right on Cloudways. Follow the step-by-step process. Also, you can check our Cloudways Hosting Review.

1. Add New Application

Adding Application on Cloudways

To install a Sendy, we need to add an application. Go to Cloudways and Application, Click on Add New Application, and Select your current Server.

Now, Select PHP Custom App in the Application. Name your app Sendy and click on Add Application.

Adding New Application in Cloudways

Just wait, It will take around 2 minutes to set up our new Applications at Cloudways.

2. Application Access Details

Now go to your Sendy Application area that we have just created. Here we are going to use DB Name, Username, and Password only from this application.

Accessing DB Name, Username, Password

Now, in this section, you have to download Sendy and extract it. We are going to upload the folder later. If you don’t have Sendy yet then you can purchase it with a one-time fee.

4. Set up Sendy Configuration

Now go to Sendy > Includes folder and open config.php using any editor.

Here we need the Website, Database Name, Username, and Password while configuring Sendy.

DB Name Username Password

Now, at the config.php file

Enter your website name at APP_PATH – Here I am using a website name with sendy at slug without trailing slash. (as in the screenshot below)

Also, Enter dbHost as localhost and paste the remaining DB Name, Username, and Password copied from your Application to config.php (as in the screenshot below)

DB Connection in Cloudways

5. Upload Sendy Using Filezilla

This is one of the important steps to remember that, we are going to upload the Sendy folder inside our main Application domain, not the one created in step number 1. From step 1 we are only using a database, username, and password.

So create SFTP credentials in your Application area (main domain) where you are going to upload the Sendy Folder. so we can connect using any FTP software. Here we are going to use Filezilla or you can use any FTP software.

You need an SFTP Host, Username, and Password

In Host enter your Server IP in this format sftp://your-server-ip-address, username and password

Now after connecting to your application server, go to public_html and upload the sendy folder.

Note: Upload Sendy to your domain’s public_html

Uploading Sendy to Cloudways

Now after uploading the whole sendy folder go to the uploads folder and set permission to 777. It is the place where we upload images, attachments, CSV, etc.

Set File Permissions to uploads folder

6. Install Sendy

Now, after configuring sendy, visit your main application website where you have uploaded the Sendy folder.

Go to

Now you will see the form to fill up like License key, company, Email, Password, etc. Leave the AWS Access Key ID and AWS Secret Access Key as it is, later we can fill it up and finally hit the Install Now button.

Install Sendy

7. Sign up for Amazon Web Services (AWS) & create IAM Credentials

To send an email you have to further configure the AWS SES setup key. so go to the Amazon Simple Email Service website to create an AWS Access Key ID and AWS Secret Access Key.

Amazon Simple Email Service

Watch the official video by Sendy to get the required AWS key. AWS is experimenting new interface so, the process in the video might be a little different but our goal is to get the key.

Once after created the required AWS key, log in to sendy and paste the key into the AWS section. There is an email limitation of 200 per day. Now you have to request the Amazon AWS team to increase your SES Sending Limits to get your Amazon SES to account out of “sandbox mode”.

At the End

Finally, after requesting the sending limits, after approval, you can enjoy sendy to send your email campaigns by Adding your Brands.

In Sendy, you can set up Autoresponders, import subscribers, create email campaigns, etc. Sendy has almost every functionality required for email marketing.

I hope after reading our guide you will be able to Install Sendy on Cloudways. If you have any queries then you can comment below.

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